Curved Glass from Xinbao Shines on China's National Winter Olympic Stadium

With much anticipation, the construction of the National Speed Skating Stadium, the ice arena for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, has finally been completed, and the venue will then prepare for the Winter Olympics tests. As one of the suppliers of curved glass, Tianjin Xinbao congratulates the smooth completion of the stadium!


The National Speed Skating Stadium was designed by Beijing Construction Institute and constructed by Beijing Jianghe Curtain Wall Company. According to BIAD , the main building of the National Speed Skating Pavilion takes "speed" as the theme, combines ice and speed, and integrates key technologies such as general space, super large span structure, free-form surface curtain wall, and ice rink energy saving.Provide guarantee for sustainable operation during and after the Winter Olympics.



Created on:2021-01-20 14:52