Laminated Glass

 Product Description 

Laminated glass is a composite glass product made of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched with a PVB, SGP or EVA film and processed by high temperature and high pressure.

 Product Advantages 

1) Safer: Laminated glass has good tenacity and can resist impact. Therefore, when laminated glass is hit by external force, it is hard to break into pieces. The glass fragments will stick to internal film without splashing around. Due to this, laminated glass is considered as safe glass.
2) Sound-proof: PVB/SCG film can effectively hinder the transmission of sound waves and reduce noise.
3) Reduce ultraviolet rays: The PVB/SCG film can reduce ultraviolet rays, and better protect human body and interior decoration items.
4) Security: Laminated glass has the functions of explosion-proof, anti-theft and bulletproof, and has a strong resistance to malicious damage.
5) Fire resistance: Compared with ordinary float glass, laminated glass can resist fire longer, which is helpful for fire control and personnel evacuation.


 Production Capacity 

Laminated Glass

Tianjin Factory

Shenzhen Factory

Glass thickness (mm)



Max size (mm)




Min size (mm)



Glass layer



PVB thickness


0.38mm and multiples of 0.38mm


 Original Glass Provider 


 Film Provider 



 Quality Standard 

GB/T 15763.3
ASTM C 1172
EN 14449
AS/NZS 2208

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